A2 – Level 2 Elementary


Level 2 Elementary
This class will teach the student the basic knowledge of verbs and how past tense behave. They will learn to describe simple terms aspects of their background, environment and matters in areas of immediate need. This will support them in communicating simple and routine tasks on familiar and routine matters, both in written form as well as in speech. By the end of this course student would be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment) both in reading and listening.

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A2 Elementary Arabic

This is part 2 of our Basic level Arabic class and will complete a students ability to start understanding and benefitting from the Arabic language.

In order to join this class one need the following:

  • Must be able to introduce ones self and deliver basic information about themselves
  • Must be able to inquire who someone is and basic information about them.
  • Must have knowledge of basic vocabulary consisting of no less then 160 words and be able to recall them upon demand
  • Must have basic knowledge of  very simple Arabic grammar structures including singular, dual and plural, counting from 1-10 and simple descriptions
  • Must be able to understand very simple sentences upon hearing it and repeat them if requested.

It is an obligation for every Muslim to learn and understand the Qur'aan and the language of the Qur'aan, Arabic. Allaah the most High said: "Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an that you might understand."

During the A1 level, you will begin a journey of discovery, learning the very basics of the language and laying the necessary foundations for studying the language and Islam. There are no requirements necessary to enter this level and by the end of the year you will be able to engage in rudimentary conversation and interactions.

School Terms

3 Term Program

These are the times for the Arabic Classes

Term Dates 2020

Term 1
12 Weeks: 6th Jan to 5th April - Holiday: Half Term 11th to 17th Feb

Term 2

11 Weeks:
20th Apr to 25th July - Holiday: Half Term & End Holiday 18th to 31st May

Term 3

6 Weeks:
3rd August to 13th September

Fee Plan

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The remaining fees deadline: 24th January 

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Our curriculum

Throughout this Level, the student will cover the following topics:

  • Nominal sentences - Which are basic Arabic sentences.
  • Counting from 1 to 1000 and beyond
  • Verbs and their various forms
  • Basic conversation
  • And much more...

At the end of this course, the student will have the capacity to understand simple verses of the Qur'aan and short Hadeeth, and speak general conversational sentences.

Key Concepts Of Level 2 Beginners

Below are some videos covering the key concepts which will be covered in this level

Grammar Introduction

During this level you will begin to study basic Arabic grammar. We’ll introduce you to Arabic terminologies and ideas, and how to use them to understand simple to intermediate sentences and clauses.

Lesson Focus

  • Arabic grammar foundations
  • Signs of ‘Iraab’ & types of words
  • How to add meaning to sentences

‘Arabic Verbs’

In the Arabic language we have three types of words. One is an ‘ism’, which loosely translates to a noun. Another is ‘harf’, which are particles such as ‘and’ or ‘but’ that would not make sense on their own. The final one is a ‘fil’, which we call an ‘Arabic verb’ as its nature is very different to that of an English verb.

Lesson Focus

  • Past tense ‘Arabic Verbs’
  • Every other tense ‘Arabic Verbs’
  • Order of ‘Arabic Verbs’

‘Arabic Verbs’

In the Arabic language we have three types of words. One is an ‘ism’ which loosely translates as a noun, the other is a ‘Fil’ which we call an ‘Arabic Verb’, because its nature is very different from an English Verb.

Lesson Focus

  • Past Tense ‘Arabic Verbs’
  • Every Other Tense ‘Arabic Verbs’
  • Order ‘Arabic Verbs’

“He Said, She Said, We all Said”

In this level, we will complete our study of Arabic pronouns and how you attach them to words. This is a very important lesson and sets the pace for the language as a whole.

Lesson Focus

  • Attaching pronouns to ‘Arabic Verbs’
  • Components of ‘Arabic Verbs’
  • Constant oral practice

Gradual progression

After completing the basics, you will progress to a more advanced level where there will be greater focus on grammar and language expression. Below is a video that will summarise the types of sentences that will be covered.