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history of Arabic courses - 2006
Summer of 2006

We organised our first official lesson in kings college university. This was our first attempt at setting up any kind of major course. This was our first opportunity to do something for the Muslim community. To put forward a workable curriculum to teach the Arabic language, and to connect the people to Islam. So we chose the teach the "Practical Exercise" (Tadreebaat) element of the Arabic language curriculum as taught in Madeenah University. This is otherwise known as "The Arabic Course" or “Madeenah Series”. We chose to teach all three levels over the three month period, but as we had ourselves learnt Arabic via this curriculum we decided to add an additional book to compliment this curriculum. So we chose to teach with it the well known book "al-Aajuroomiyyah". Which is a beginners book in the Arabic grammar for native speakers of Arabic. This book served to compliment the grammar taught in the Madeenah series and to add structure to the ideas therein.
Al hamdulillah, it was very successful, we had over 20 students. With the lessons being 4 hours a day, studying 5 days a week, we were able to complete the designated curriculum.
When that course ended, I returned to Saudi Arabia to complete my studies in Madeenah University.

Summer 2007
The next summer holiday, we wanted to replicate the success of the previous year. Thus organised another lesson teaching the same thing in City University.  We also wanted to offer the students of the previous year the opportunity to further their studies. To learn beyond the Madeenah series and to actually learn Islam in the Arabic language.
So we had two classes, one repeating the curriculum of last year and the second covering the more advanced lessons.  In that lesson we were able to read the whole book called "Qisas an-Nabiyyeen" by abul-Hasan an-Nadawee. This book is a story book covering the biography and Da'wah of the Prophets excluding the last Prophet, Muhammad ibn Abdillaah (sallallaahu alaihi we sallam).  We also covered the poem of "Laamiyyatul Af'aal". This is a book on Arabic Morphology, and the poem of "al-Waraqaat", which covers the science of "Usool al-Fiqh".This advanced class was geared towards the students of the previous year in order to further their knowledge. This is our main focus at Arabic Courses, to gradually build up our students so that they can eventually move onto studying Islam in it's native language.

Again that year was a great success with us completing the Madeenah series. Also an advanced class teaching Islamic lessons in the Arabic medium.

We were also able to have an introductory lesson teaching the fundamentals of reading Arabic.  We taught the letters, how to pronounce them properly and how to put them together to make words.  This was aimed at those who were not able to read Arabic words. When those courses were completed I returned to Saudi Arabia to complete my final year in Madeenah University.

history of Arabic courses - 2007
history of Arabic courses - 2008
Summer 2008
Once I had completed my studies in Madeenah University. I returned in 2008 to have another course teaching the same curriculum in the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.  We were able to successfully complete much of the curriculum we had completed the previous years. We were also able to offer free lessons teaching many Islamic topics, from the history of the Prophets and their da'wah, to the Qur’aan, light tafseer, the Sunnah, etc.  That year we were able to focus our attentions towards developing a long term curriculum and toward establishing a centre.  During that year, we also had a Ramadan class where we tried to study the Qur’aan during that blessed month.
Spring 2009
In March 2009, we managed to find a place where we could teach full time in Leytonstone High Road.  We received it in a very bad state as it was not in use before. The basement had been totally neglected with constant flooding, and mould.

After minor renovations we started teaching.  We spent time gradually developing the centre, adding more facilities and making it not only a teaching centre, but a learning hub where one can further their knowledge of Islam and develop as students of knowledge.  So from those facilities was our public Islamic Library.

This is probably the only independent Public Islamic Library in London. Offering over 1000 volumes of Islamic books for people to benefit from.  Not only do we have the biggest ‘Physical’ independent public Islamic library in London, but we also have the biggest independent digital public islamic library with over 500GB of digitalised Islamic books, both past and present.  We also have all the Islamic lessons, lectures and Jumu’ah/Eed Khutbah’s ever delivered in Masjid al-Haraam and Masjid an-Nabawee until Jan 2010.  All of this free to use to the public.

Since we opened up in 2009

we have successfully taught to date over 150 students, Which some have gone on to now teach themselves and have begun to study Islam in a 100% Arabic Medium, listening to lectures and reading books written by the scholars of Islam, both past and present.

We have also opened a madrasah teaching children primarily how to read Arabic with tajweed, and then Qur’aan memorisation.  Over 50 students have either attended or attend our madrasah since it began.

We have also done our bit for the community holding public gatherings, eed parties, regular Qaa'idah parties for the children who have completed their Qaa'idah or memorising a new Juzz.  We continue to offer more services for the community, and has been to organise an Umrah experience unlike any other.

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In 2013

we moved to Leyton and built a whole new place to be a community centre. This was a brand new building, and when we took on this project it was like a brand new canvas. For us it was perfect, as it meant we could design the property according to our needs. We been working for community for a long time. In January 2018 decided to applied to be a charity and we became a registered charity in August 2018.

We start Keen on Deen which is a program created especially for kids. This includes madrasah, fun educational activities, workshops and offsite trips. We still continue with Arabic Courses and Islamic teachings to adult students. We are now hoping to have more programs for the adults.