The outline of the ‘Arabic Courses Taalib Ilm Apprenticeship’.

  1. what it consists of,
  2. what each student will learn
  3. and what is expected from each student.

This is a long term program to nurture each successful candidate to the best of their abilities. To become the best person, teacher and daa’ee they can. Likewise to give them skills they can use for their future career. Please consider the benefits of this opportunity and its responsibilities carefully.

Taalib Ilm Apprenticeship

At Arabic Courses, we are an established Arabic and Islamic Studies institute with extremely high standards. Our vision for this centre is to cater for the needs of the muslims in the community.  Including helping in producing a generation capable of teaching and propagating Islam to our youth, our elders, to the believers and the non-believers.
Our Apprenticeship scheme is built around the idea that the best way to learn Arabic, Islam. To be able to propagate it and teach it, is to practically do it.  To be taught how to be a teacher rather than just knowing the theory. In order to know how to run an islamic institute rather than relying on guesswork and assumptions. For the purpose of knowing how to work with the community, knowing its needs and requirements by actually doing it. We will achieve this by providing daily education to our apprentices’, teaching Qur’aan, Tajweed, Hifth of Qur’aan, Arabic, Fiqh, Aqeedah, and more. While giving them the opportunity to solidify that knowledge by teaching and educating the people on what they have learnt.


Each Ones Potential

Each apprentice will have the opportunity learn either some or all the skills necessary about management of an Islamic Centre. From accounting, database design and administration, answering calls, organising meetings, taking down notes, advertising, photography and cinematography, and more. They will have the option to gain knowledge on managing an islamic institute and based upon performance and ability. Furthermore they may be given the opportunity to work for our Islamic institute as a full time employee.

Ideal Candidate

This role would be someone who believes they need to learn and is willing to do what it takes to gain that knowledge.  Most importantly, someone with excellent punctuality and work ethic. Someone who seeks a long term vocation in the field of Islamic teaching and propagation.

Whoever treads the path seeking knowledge, Allaah will make easy for him the path to Paradise.Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم

Application Process

  • Stage One

    Fill out the below application form. We will shortlist candidates and will proceed to stage Two. For those who fulfil the basic requirements.

  • Stage Two

    Those who have been shortlisted from the below forms will be interviewed based upon their application.
  • Stage Three

    Once we've decided who will continue to this stage, we will follow up references given. This stage is important to assess a persons credentials.
  • Stage Four

    Those who have made it this far will be able to join the course until completing Madeenah book 1 as a trial period. Once they have completed the trial period and have passed the necessary exams. They will officially be a part of the 2 year scholarship program.

Apprenticeship Shifts

Each Apprentice would have the following shift structure per week. The work shifts would be both determined by the needs of the Centre. The availability of the apprentice will be considered.

You will study
per week

You are required to work
per week

    Please fill out this online application form

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    National Insurance Number

    Address (required)


    Telephone Number

    Mobile Number (required)

    Date Of Birth

    Facebook and/or Twitter profile

    Marital Status


    Preferred Apprenticeship Role (Choose at least one role)

    Recent History

    Name And Address of most recent employer/college/university.

    Position Held (of applicable)

    Date of Employment/Education

    Education, Professional Training and Qualifications

    Secondary education - Please give us a brief overview

    Higher education - Please give us a brief overview

    Professional/Vocational Education and training - Please give us a brief overview

    Previous Employment

    Mention all work including temporary or work in the voluntary sector. Most recent first.


    • Reference 1

      Name (required)

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      Address (required)

      Telephone Number (required)

    • Reference 2

      Name (required)

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    Additional Information

    This section is very important in our selection process so please give us as much information as you can.

    Please give details of previous work experience and other information which you consider is relevant to this post and your application

    Please state your interest and hobbies:

    Do you speak any other languages, other than English (including British Sign Language?) if so which?

    Are you related to any member of staff at Arabic Courses or KeenOnDeen?

    Are there any reason(s) why you think you may not be able to fulfil the apprenticeship requirements in the long term?

    How would you describe your punctuality?

    How would you describe your attendance record?

    How much Qur’aan have you memorised? Only choose the number of Juzz you have completed (even if it needs revision), and if you have not completed a whole Juzz yet then choose "0"

    Do you currently hold a valid UK drivers licence and if so do you own a car?

    Do you have any experience using an Apple Macintosh system? This does not include iOS devices.

    Do you currently have a valid DBS check valid for working around children?

    Notice to applicants for employment

    Due to the nature of the work for which you are applying this post is except from the Provision of Section 4(2 of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (exceptions) order 1975. You are therefore not entitled to withhold information about convictions which for other purposes are “spent” under the provisions of the Act, and in the event of employment any failure to disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or disciplinary action by Arabic Courses Institute. Any information given will be completely confidential and will be considered only in relation to the application for positions to which the Order applies.

    Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence:

    Are you disqualified from working with children:

    If you have answered yes to either / both of the above two question s please give details below:

    If you wish to upload your CV or any supporting documentation then please do so here.


    I testify that the information I've submitted above is 100% accurate.



    Arabic apprenticeship

    Learn apprenticeship with arabic courses

     join our Apprenticeship program

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    so much 

    if so


    1. Are you taking applications for the apprenticeship programme? How much time would an apprentice be expected to dedicate to studying and working?

      1. Author

        Yes, we currently still are, but we would need to place the deadline to midnight sunday 25th, as we need to have an interview before class starts.

        The study and working hours are stipulated above, we just now updated this page.

        Thanks for your interest, please share this opportunity with your friends and family.

    2. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahy wa barakatuh ; could I still apply to the apprenticeship programme ? and if not then when is the next chance I could apply bi ithnillah ?

      1. Author

        The next time the courses are starting are generally speaking next september, but we would advise you fill out the application form now as opportunities may come up depending on your current abilities

    3. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahy wa barakatuh ; could I still apply to the apprenticeship programme? and if not then when is the next chance I could apply bi ithnillah ?

    4. Is there a specific time and date you should apply before ? Jazakallahu khayran

      1. Author

        No, but the next term will start in September unless you wish to join the already existing one. You would have at least have to have completed book 2 of the madeenah series to be able to join

    5. Does this apprenticeship count towards any legal qualifications such as being equivalent to A-Levels?

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