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There’s nothing better than educating the Ummah and giving them what they need to become the best Muslim they can be. Everyone you know older than five has been influenced by a teacher. Teachers prepare and educate students for the world, and in our institute giving them the means to access our sacred religious text.

Teachers create lesson plans and teach those plans to the entire class, individually to students or in small group, track student progress and present the information to parents, create tests, create and reinforce classroom rules, work with markaz administration, prepare students for standardised tests, and manage students outside the classroom, such as in the reception, hallways, detention, and so on..

Job Skills

The good news is that your training will teach you everything you need to know to succeed on the job. But here are a few skills you should have from the get-go or acquire within the first few month:

  • Communication Skills: You must be able to speak clearly to students, other teachers, parents and administration officials.
  • Instruction Skills: You will have to explain new ideas and unfamiliar concepts with authority and in a clear and concise way so that students can understand. You must work to keep the students’ attention
  • Writing Skills: Teachers write progress reports, notes home, and record student homework. Writing skills are critical.
  • Patience: The students you work with will have different backgrounds and abilities. Patience will help teachers deal with students who act out or have trouble following the material
  • Creativity: Teachers have to find ways to involve students into their lessons. Additionally, teachers may have to work with different learning styles to get the most out of each student.
  • People Skills: Engaging parents and creating healthy relationships with students and faculty will help create a quality learning environment.

Extra Perks

  • Free unlimited self development courses

    As part of your employment you will be entitled to further your own personal development. Learn web design, databasing, photography, graphic design and more.

  • Dawah Initiatives

    As our ultimate goal is to propagate Islam, the successful candidate will have direct access to all our resources in order to organise conferences, events, dawah initiatives, social activities for the community, and more.

Expected hours

You would be expected to work up to
A week

Shifts vary depending on the agreed upon classes, but a teacher can expect to work as little as 3 hours a week to as much as 40 hours a week. This is dependant upon availability.

Job Myth

Teachers just walk in, deliver the lesson and walk out. Easy Peasy.The Myth

While having a good knowledge base and understanding of the subject makes teaching a class easier, one can never get enough preparation. Teachers are required to attend classes early, be prepared for their classes, both mentally and with the adequate amount of material preparation. Teachers are required to mark homework outside of class time as class time is short and supposed to engage the class with learning. Teachers are required to have a good assessment of their students and cater for each students specific needs in order for the class to move together as a team. The primary focus of our institute is Islamic education to the best of ones abilities, over four all teachers are required to fulfil those objectives.


Future options are that you can become

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