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We have at Fresh Artisan some new vacancies. We have some coffee shop staff shift work as well as an assistant manager role. Fresh Artisan is a combination between a coffee shop and a fresh fruit sandwich bar. We’re situated in the busy high road of Leyton next to the famous Sahara Grill.

Both vacancies, coffee shop worker and assistant manager, are very demanding roles. However, there is great satisfaction in providing quality services and aspiring to be the best at one’s craft. As a coffee shop employee and assistant manager, you would be responsible for food services, serving customers as well as maintaining a good clean environment. As an assistant manager you would also be responsible for payroll, licensing, food ordering, inspections and all sorts of additional paperwork will be required.

Job Vacancies

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Something Fresh

  • You Must Enjoy

    You Must Enjoy

  • Hand of Juice

    Hand of Juice

  • Relax and Enjoy Fresh Produce.

    Relax and Enjoy Fresh Produce.

  • Give each other love

    Give each other love

Something Bold

  • Light Up Your Life

    Light Up Your Life

  • Retro


  • Potential for greatness

    Potential for greatness

  • Chocolate for elegance

    Chocolate for elegance

Something Hot

  • Quality Coffee

    Quality Coffee

  • Espresso Shot with cream

    Espresso Shot with cream

  • Hot chocolate with cream

    Hot chocolate with cream

  • Quality Panini

    Quality Panini

  • Clippers for you fun loving people

    Clippers for you fun loving people

  • Hot Panini Dish

    Hot Panini Dish

  • Add some flavour in your life

    Add some flavour in your life

Something Cold

  • Coconut Water

    Coconut Water

  • Amazing Drinks

    Amazing Drinks

  • Fresh Ingrediants

    Fresh Ingrediants

  • Cold Brew Coffee

    Cold Brew Coffee

  • Home Made Cakes

    Home Made Cakes

  • Iron Man Juice

    Iron Man Juice

Have you got what it takes to run a Coffee Shop? Apply Below

Our Menu

Our menu is a combination of carefully crafted items made from fresh produce and artistic design

Successful Candidate

The right person for this management job is anyone who has the determination, dedication and commitment to make this coffee shop successful. Someone with vision, positive thinking, hard working and willing to give it all they’ve got. Candidates with other commitments need not apply.What it takes
As a Fresh Artisan member of staff, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Organization: There will be a million and one things going on with customers and behind the counter. It will be up to you to keep tools, food items and receipts organised and in their dedicated places so that yourself and other members of staff will have no trouble finding things.
  • Being friendly and outgoing: People skills and customer service are a must for this job. Not only will you interact with your employees every day, but you will also need to assist customers with their orders, when they have questions, concerns or complaints. Put on a happy face and address these issues in a professional manner.
  • Staying attentive: This is not a position where you can sit back, forget about the people around you and do your own thing. Your job is to be attentive to your environment, customers, and your employees. Even if business is slow, keep yourself and your fellow colleagues busy and in high spirits as they carry out their daily tasks.
  • Attract customers: A major part of every business model is the attraction of new customers. You maybe, from time to time, would need to take part in originating display ideas; follow display suggestions or schedules; produce food displays on counter tops, window displays, keep our online presence up to date and relevant via our Instagram feed.
  • and an array of other tasks such as Concluding Sales, Helping customers, Maintaining a safe and clean store environment, Maintaining inventory, Maintaining a quality service, Maintaining professional and technical knowledge by refining your skills and knowledge about our products, the wisdom and ideas behind them and by always seeking to be the best at what you do.

Job Skills

The good news is that your training will teach you everything you need to know to succeed on the job. But here are a few skills you should have from the get-go or acquire within the first few months:

Extra Perks

  • Discounted Arabic and Islamic lessons

    As part of your employment, you will be entitled to attend any booked classes at a discounted rate or entirely of charge.

  • Free unlimited self development courses

    As part of your employment, you will be entitled to further your own personal development. Learn web design, databasing, photography, graphic design and more.

Expected hours

You would be expected to work up to
A week

Shifts will be relatively fixed week in, week out, but most candidates can expect to work a full 40-hour week. Availability on nights, weekends and holidays also maybe required from time to time, especially during the first few months.

Job Myth

Management roles are just shout orders at the employees they manage.The Myth

While this job does require you to take control and delegate responsibilities to other workers, managers get their hands just as dirty as their employees. One of the main requirements for this position is people skills, and ordering people around like servants doesn’t fit the bill. You’ll be so busy dealing with customers, answering phones, filing paperwork, training new employees, cleaning the store/office and covering shifts when you’re shorthanded, you won’t have time to sit back and relax while telling other people what to do.


We have long standing ambitions of expanding Fresh Artisan beyond East London and therefore opportunities of

...if you work hard enough

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