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Administrative Assistant

This is a very demanding role as it has a good level of responsibility over the events and activities of Markaz al Madaar (trading as Arabic Courses). This would include organising charitable events, indoor or outdoor activities, managing bookings and payments from facility hire and students, book keeping, taking phone calls and more.

What We're Looking For

  • 01

    Must be motivated to push Markaz al Madaar to its full potential. This requires imagination, ambition and an excellent level of initiative.

  • 02

    Be prepared to work with people, both staff and participating youth. This requires a good level of patience and good manner. Someone who smiles often yet gets things done.

  • 03

    We are looking for someone who has a good understanding of money, able to find good deals and manage a budget to a satisfactory level.

  • 04

    Must show the level of commitment and motivation that this role demands. This role requires odd hours and a level of responsibility which goes far beyond any participant.

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Arabic & Qur'aan Teacher

We have classes that teach a variety of adults and children Arabic, Qur’an and other Islamic classes. This is a demanding role that requires a keen spirit and a dedicated mind. Preparing class notes, managing assessments, giving useful feedback and being a team player is a key characteristic of this role.

What We're Looking For

  • 01

    A successful candidate must be competent in the class they teaches. Or at the very least be able to achieve the required competence level in a good space of time. You must have experience in teaching Arabic or Qur'aan prior to applying for this role.

  • 02

    Must be able to, and want to teach children Qur’an with tajweed. We need people who are motivated by the role and share our vision of a educating the Ummah to the high level. Being a good role model and understand that such a role is important.

  • 03

    Be able to manage a class of 10 students, keeping them occupied with a task to complete, so a good level of multi-tasking is required.

  • 04

    Must be of sound Deen and Character. References from reputable Islamic institutes could go a long way in this application.

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Marketing & Media Technician

Place a brief summary about the position here. It shouldn't be too long as you can go into more detail in the items to the right.

What We're Looking For

  • 01

    This is where you can place additional information on key points about the position, keeping things shorter if possible.

  • 02

    This is where you can place additional information on key points about the position, keeping things shorter if possible.

  • 03

    This is where you can place additional information on key points about the position, keeping things shorter if possible.

  • 04

    This is where you can place additional information on key points about the position, keeping things shorter if possible.

Coffee Shop Vacancies

This is a very demanding role with great potential for future growth and expansion. For this a role to either work in our coffee shop or be an assistant manager. Our Coffee shop is located on a busy high road, with plenty of footfall both from outside passing trade. There are also from students and participants in our centre.

What We're Looking For

  • 01

    Must be highly motivated while aspiring to be the best at your craft. Our shop is about giving attention to both the customer and the product.

  • 02

    Dedication is key. Every applicant must be prepared to dedicate themselves to working hard, maintaining the ethos of our brand and taking the adequate initiative.

  • 03

    Creating the right environment for our customers is essential. That not only includes keeping the premises clean, but also warm and welcoming.

  • 04

    As with all retail work, punctuality, commitment, good pleasant character and trustworthiness is very important to us.

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    Any interest and hobbies please state:

    Do you speak any other languages, other than English (including British Sign Language?) if so which?

    Are you related to any member of staff at Arabic Courses or KeenOnDeen?

    Are there any reason(s) why you think you may not be able to fulfil this role in the long term?

    How would you describe your punctuality?

    How would you describe your attendance record?

    How much Qur’aan have you memorised? Only choose the number of Juzz you have completed (even if it needs revision), and if you have not completed a whole Juzz yet then choose "0"

    Do you currently hold a valid UK drivers licence and if so do you own a car?

    Do you have any experience using an Apple Macintosh system? This does not include iOS devices.

    Do you currently have a valid DBS check valid for working around children?

    Notice to applicants for employment

    Due to the nature of the work for which you are applying, this post requires that work with minors and those who many be vulnerable, and therefore you need to disclose any criminal offences received in the past, except from the Provision of Section 4(2 of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (exceptions) order 1975. You are therefore not entitled to withhold information about convictions which for other purposes are “spent” under the provisions of the Act, and in the event of employment any failure to disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or disciplinary action by Arabic Courses Institute. Any information given will be completely confidential and will be considered only in relation to the application for positions to which the Order applies.

    Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence:

    Are you disqualified from working with children:

    If you have answered yes to either questions above or both, please give details below:

    If you wish to upload your CV or any supporting documentation then please do so here.


    I testify that the information I've submitted above is 100% accurate.


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